How to use KLM and GPX Files

This guide will help you use GPX and KLM Files. Download the GPX, KLM files and a map of each walk by clicking the 'Download GPX, KLM and Map Files' link found at the bottom of each walk page. The file is very small and will only take seconds to download. You will end up with a folder containing the three files - a map, GPX file and a KLM file.

If your computer, smartphone or tablet does not decompress the downloaded file automatically, you will need to decompress it manually. You may need to download a program to open zip files. Once the file is decompressed you can import the GPX or KLM files into various mapping programs on your computer, dedicated mapping device, smartphone or tablet

KLM Files

KLM files are used in Google Earth. To use these files you need to download the free Google Earth program here. You can install this program on your smartphone and tablet as well. Once Google Earth is installed, you can either double click the KLM file, drag and drop it into an open window in Google Earth, or use import from the menu in Google Earth. Double clicking the file is easier because that will open Google Earth and import the track all in one go. Once the track is imported, you can use Google Earth to explore the track in greater detail or alter it to your liking. You can also fly over the route in a much bigger scale than the flyover video I provide on each walk page.

GPX Files

To use the GPX files import them into a compatible program such as Google Earth or Locus Pro on Android. GPX files can be imported into dedicated navigation devices as well as into mapping applications on your computer, smartphone or tablet. These GPX files are Garmin compatible. If your device has GPS capabilities you can use satellite navigation to guide you along the route.

Map File

You can print the map to use on paper or download it to a smartphone or tablet. I would recommend you always take a paper map in case your electronic device fails.

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